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what people actually wear.

I’m on the road in a Megabus up to New York City! It’s crazy hot out! Here’s a hot travel day outfit for you.


A quick style journal warmup. Nothing but grey and black so far this week. 

Day off San Francisco summer outfit

Just got some new Vans Sk8-hi sneakers!


I’ve been so busy! Too busy to post, it seems. Here was my warmup from last night. What I wore Monday to work and then a mini grocery shopping trip.

I got frozen spinach and ginger chew candy.

Yesterday’s outfit involved wearing some clothes and new boots! Also it’s never actually summer in San Francisco.


Disney store cap from when I was 3
Backpack and size 16 running shoes from 6th grade

It is CRAZY hot in Delhi. I had to try really hard not to draw up all the sweat :P


Still posting from my phone because I moved and my computer isn’t set up yet in fact it’s under some boxes??

We had a TOMS event at work yesterday where we wore TOMS bandanas and I felt like I could channel some of my awkward high school ska punk self.


I saw the photos from the Thom Browne Spring 2015 Menswear show and I was immediately hooked, it’s a m a z i n g. I want that pink gundam jacket VERY MUCH. So I decided to engage in wish-fulfillment and draw Sam and I in tweaked versions of 2 of the suits. Maybe you wanna draw yourself in your ideal high-fashion suit, too?


Summer Mode.