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what people actually wear.


I’ve been so busy! Too busy to post, it seems. Here was my warmup from last night. What I wore Monday to work and then a mini grocery shopping trip.

I got frozen spinach and ginger chew candy.

Yesterday’s outfit involved wearing some clothes and new boots! Also it’s never actually summer in San Francisco.


Disney store cap from when I was 3
Backpack and size 16 running shoes from 6th grade

It is CRAZY hot in Delhi. I had to try really hard not to draw up all the sweat :P


Still posting from my phone because I moved and my computer isn’t set up yet in fact it’s under some boxes??

We had a TOMS event at work yesterday where we wore TOMS bandanas and I felt like I could channel some of my awkward high school ska punk self.


I saw the photos from the Thom Browne Spring 2015 Menswear show and I was immediately hooked, it’s a m a z i n g. I want that pink gundam jacket VERY MUCH. So I decided to engage in wish-fulfillment and draw Sam and I in tweaked versions of 2 of the suits. Maybe you wanna draw yourself in your ideal high-fashion suit, too?


Summer Mode.

Hi I’m Josh PM and I’m posting this secretly at 2am PST this is my first post! More to come as outfits occur

Walks with toddlers are long rambling affairs, better attempted with no destination in mind, because it’s likely you’ll never make it. This particular walk also included ten minutes of chasing pigeons, climbing every front step we passed and touching the pebbly surface of all the garbage receptacles.

• Tank from Target 
• Shorts from North Face
• Flops from DSW(?)
• Sweaty mess